25th August 2019 
Band #01

Regular Band Members

Jeff Stone
Jeff is formerly bass guitarist with Suma Suma, who says he still has a box of singles in his loft from a recording session at Abbey Road.

Band #02Paul Lanchbury
Paul is an enthusiastic drummer of Congas, Tablas, Djembes, coffee tables and car dashboards.

Band #03Leon
Founding member of Grammy Award Winning Kings of Leon.. sorry wrong one. Our Leon is an extreme sports maniac, who we're hoping will hang onto his mortal coil long enough to start playing some gigs with us. As well as playing some pretty cool bass (on his new beloved fretless gizmo) he can pen a half decent song.

Band #04Paul Sandford
The General Lord Paul Sandford, a gallant Royal Artillery Officer, is also a keen collector of musical instrumets, most of which he can also play. He's also the musical "ear" of the band, and regularly slips into a catatonic state as he loses himself to the music.

Band #05Phil Hulme
Phil was inspired by Zoot in the Muppets and still plays like a Muppet.

Band #06

Ex Members and Occasional Guests

John ?? formerly sax player with the Dumb Waiters - previously the "Spin Doctors" before the current Spin Doctors bought out the UK rights for that name for about the price of a round of drinks. John says "we weren't very commercially orientated". It didn't stop them making a name for themselves in Essex though, where they once supported Katrina and the Waves.

Band #07Vanessa Temple
Vanessa drives a mean tractor and sings a lot better than anyone thought.

Band #08Gabi Napolitani
Gabi has a sweet and beautiful voice, but don't say anything negative about Italy or you'll see the dark side.