18th July 2019 


Sunday 28th Sept 2008
First draft of website created. Not sure my skyline of the hills on the East of the Duddon is very realistic, but that can be sorted later. This has been a great week for the band. We've done some rehearsals in the Browfoot rooms, which we're intending to pay for with a big fundraiser in November/December. Its much better than Phil's lounge as a music space. We also got our Yamaha PA system this week which sounds brilliant.

Monday 6th October 2008
Just updating the website after our Friday night gig for Lorretta's 40th. Bit of crazy night, dressed as muppets and Father Ted's. I shouted myself hoarse and drank too much during the games, so wasn't at my best for our 9pm slot. Still, this was our first performance with general public in attendance. Not the best accoustics, and we could have used more watts after all to cut through the drunken din.

Thursday 25th June 2009
Well that's quite a gap in the blog. So much has happened in the last few months, I think we really need a brand new website. The Browfoot gig went very well in December, apart from Phil forgetting all his notes. But hey, the stage lighting was awesome. Paul Sandford also joined us for the Browfoot gig, and has been a regular ever since. His addition has also more than doubled the number of musical instruments at our disposal. And counting.

The Low Wood Rehearsal studios also opened in December which was very exciting. Perhaps if we'd been even more excited we might have been able to maintain blood circulation at -5 degrees C. The heating & insulation project is still underway.

Then we went into a dark period and Vanessa headed off to experience more of life beyond the valley, so without vocalist the band continued to meet, and try to decide on new covers to play, but we were stagnating a bit. Leon also joined us during this period, and perhaps wondered what he'd got himself into.

Finally, the turning point came when your correspondent set off to explore darkest Ireland. Free from my interfering, Jeff re-discovered his latent songwriting skills and quickly penned a collection of original and poignant songs which has redefined the musical direction of the band. Not what I'd had in mind at the outset but authentic and well worth being part of.